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Section 11.1 of the BIA requires the Superintendent to retain the information contained within each estate file for a prescribed period. This digitization procedure enables OSB employees to scan the paper copy of an estate file, upload it to E-filing, and destroy the paper document while ensuring the integrity of the estate file information is maintained. The paper copy of the scanned estate file cannot be destroyed unless this procedure is followed. This procedure applies to all OSB employees. The objective of the digitization procedure for estate files is to ensure compliance with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), the Bankruptcy and Insolvency …show more content…

The OSB has retention criteria for estate files that govern the length of time estate files are to be retained. The OSB conducts annual record disposition activities for Paper insolvency files. It is not cost effective to scan a paper file that will soon be eligible for disposition. For more information on how to determine what files are ready for disposition please see the Policy on the Retention of OSB document or contact OSB NAS / SAN BSF (IC).
• Business Requirement: o The primary benefit of scanning is to provide better access to records. If multiple individuals frequently access the records or if another regional office requires access to the records then there is a good argument that the file should be scanned and uploaded to e-filing. Scanning can be a cost effective means of distributing information. If the information does not need to be accessed prior to its disposition date then it should not be …show more content…

If anything is missing rescan the document so that all information is capture in the scanned image.
• If the condition of the original paper record precludes a good quality scanned image from being produced, include the words “best scan possible” at end of the title when naming the document.

4.4 Image Manipulation
• Manipulation of the scanned file must be limited to rotating the image. Under no circumstances should the content of the scanned document to be modified in any way.
4.5 Appling Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to a scanned PDF document to make it text searchable (optional)
• Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Select “View” > “Tools” > “Text Recognition”. The Text Recognition panel in the Tools pane will open.
• Click “In This File”. Designate the desired pages and click OK. Acrobat will apply OCR to the scanned document. Note: the quality of the OCR can vary significantly depending on the quality of the scan. 4.6 Saving and Naming Scanned Documents
• The documents must be saved on your P: drive until they are uploaded to the E-filing application. These document should not be saved on the Shared Drive or GCDOCs.
• Use the following naming convention for each scanned document:

5.0 Uploading the Scanned Document to

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