Record Retention Policy

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POLICY STATEMENT In accordance with legal or other educational system requirements, Premier College is required to retain and dispose records as designated by this policy. REASON FOR POLICY Premier College is obligated and committed to meeting legal regulatory standards and record management and maintenance, history preservation, and minimizing any threats of cost of record retention. o •PROCEDURES  Establishing proper record retention management practices: • Each unit is responsible to implement these practices: o •Educate administrative staff an understanding of record management procedure o •Implement these practices o •Ensure practices are within the realm of this policy o •Preserve inactive records  Legal  Fiscal • Administrative • Historical value o •Ensure …show more content…

•Destroying Records/Documents  Procedures • Shredding documents after their expiration dates  Hard drives are to be stored on a USB drive and then stored in a safe if it contains pertinent information  Once the information has expired according to the company’s policy, the information on the hard drive is to be destroyed by software deletion programs or physically destroying the device. • Stored Records • Establish a file plan/structure for the drive/directory that will hold the incoming records. Know how much information is coming in and plan for how much additional information will be stored over time;

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