The Importance of Accurate Data Input

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of accurate data input, the quality of output, and the use of different storage devices. This paper will shed light on which device is the best to use and when to use it for data storage. Another element to be discussed is the role of RAM, of clock speed, of a hard disk, of a CD ROM, and of a floppy disk and how each device determines computer speed. Through examination and exploration of each area one will achieve a better understanding of the importance of data input, data output, the advantages/disadvantage of storage options, and computer components. Accuracy of Data Printed Questionnaires – Scantron –an accurate because when people fill in the bubbled area it makes it easier for the computer to read the data and the results are computer generated. Telephone Survey – Data Entry – because when a service representative is on the phone with the customer they would need to be use the computer to enter the data. This way when each question is asked the response can be computed at the same time and be saved in a secure document. Bank Checks – encoding and routing numbers – because each number is linked the individuals account. There shouldn’t be two identical account numbers this way any confusion. Retail Tags – bar codes- because bar codes can identify the item, price, department, and can also be used to track inventory. Long Documents –Scanned and Photo copied – because it would reduce typing of the same document. For example, a scanned document can be uploaded to the computer in a matter of seconds, then emailed or faxed out. Making it a recorded document same as the original. Convenience and Quality Hand Held Computer – such as Palm Pilot, PDA, Blackberry, I Phone, you can send and receive in a matter of minutes by using text messaging, emails, printing, pictures, video, then you can also connect them to you home or office computer and download the stored information. Color Photograph – Several methods such as: printing and scanning, are optimal options however, for convenience and quality a program such as: Picasa is a good program to use because it allows you to store and organize all your photos, allows you to edit, allows you to email, and allows you to print from your storage device. Resume – although printing is a convent way to always have a hard copy, the fax and email are the best and fasted way to send your resume.
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