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    Even though this may be true, the individual in his or her lifetime may not find out what makes his or her life so special, or meaningful. When comparing a meaning of life text (“The Death of Ivan Ilych”) to examples of popular culture (Batman Begins and Batman Beyond), it can be determined that when one finds meaning in life, it is the climax of that individual’s life. Also, everyone finds his or her purpose in life at different times, or not at all. More importantly, there is a strive to find

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    In this assignment my goals is to compare and contrast two images that represent popular American icons a unique way. The two images that were gathered to compare and contrast are of Superman and Batman. Throughout my analysis we can determine that the Superman and Batman characters, have three major features that are as follows; posture, costumes and the background of the photos. Superman’s posture has a very slim fit body frame; however, he lacks in any muscular stature, making it reflect on

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    The best part of Batman Begins was its ending... and I'm not being sarcastic. As I was watching the last scene of the movie, I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer when Jim Gordon handed Batman the Joker playing card. It's been a while since I reacted with such glee at the promise of a sequel (usually it's more of, "hay nako, may part two pa yan!"). Yes, the movie was that good. Without question this is the best Batman movie ever made. Finally we have a film adaptation that shows the essence

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    and peace wherever they may go. Yet, despite this pure similarity of moral values and self-righteousness, not a single superhero is exactly the same as another. Batman and Superman are two of the greatest superheroes in comic book history, are both quite distinctive from one another, and at times can be considered as complete opposites. Batman and Superman both have their own unique origins, style of approaches, and their own set of strengths & weaknesses. Clark Kent, aka Superman was not born on earth;

  • Differences Between Batman And Batman

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    Batman, a centralized role model towards many fans in the U.S and around the world has an origin that no comic can surpass. As a boy, he witnessed the gruesome murder of parents outside an opera house. The murder of his parents gave him the optimism to wreak vengeance on ones who broke the law; hence the fact that he resolved to never kill anyone, but rely on his physical capabilities to bring all the criminals of gotham city to justice. Batman’s portrayal in media has become an astounding topic

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    Batman is one of the most complex and interesting characters in fiction created in the last 100 years. Created by Bob Kane and Bill finger in Detective Comics Issue 27 in 1939 Batman is seen as the worlds second Super-Hero debuting just a year after Superman who had debuted in Action Comics Issue one the previous year which Kick started off what is known as the Golden Age of Comics. Since then Batman has been in movies whether its the Tim Burton films of the late eighties to the early nineties or

  • The Joker vs. The Batman

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    sleeve and managed to evade them. Soon after, The Batman was trying to catch him and end his reign of madness. The Joker had many people working for him, but they all remained silent. One scary day, the Joker had a psycho idea to blow up a hospital. The night before, Joker had gotten some of his men to plant over 500 pounds of explosives in and around the hospital. The next day, Joker gave the city of Gotham an ultimatum; kill a man who worked for Batman or the hospital to be blown up. The people of

  • Batman: Arkham Origins

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    The video game “Batman: Arkham Origins” is a very bold and enticing tale into the Batman mythology. The game tells an epic tale in a lively vivid Gotham City and puts you in the cape and cowl of Batman himself using everything he possess at his disposal; both in his skills as a detective and his legendary arsenal of gadgets. It is Christmas Eve and Batman has a fifty million dollar bounty on his head set by the criminal Black Mask. Set in the second year of Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting career. You

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    In the earliest 1940 's superhero films started to become popular on the big screens. One of these popular films is known as Batman, which came out first as a comic book called "The Killing Joke". Batman is considered to be a superhero possessing great talents and for being a true example of hope towards Gotham city. Although these superheroes are one of the main characters in movies, they also have enemies to confront with which are also known as super villains. In this case, the Joker known for

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    Batman: Through the Years The Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, these are all aliases for an enigmatic character in popular culture most commonly known as Batman. While having his humble origins in the pulp magazines of the late 1930’s, over the span of his existence, he has expanded into a full-blown franchise. There have been 3 TV shows on him, 4 movies (1 more still in the making), various videogames, and over 20 comic book series that currently feature his name. Even after