The Batman Series Evaluation

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992 words

Evaluation: The Batman Series Superheroes movies are no longer something new and strange with everyone. From classic superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman to new ones like Black Panther, and Antman, all have had a chance to have their own solo movie. All superheroes fight bad guys; however, they also have a single nemesis that they always have a hard time defeating. For Batman, it is the Joker, an archenemy that he could never defeat, who is always going to be present. If there is Batman, then there will sure be the Joker. Although there are a lot of good aspects to the Batman’s movie series, Batman and the Joker’s relationship is what made it so successful. The Batman series is never complete without the Joker’s appearance in most …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Evaluates the success of the batman series, stating that batman and the joker's relationship is what made it so successful.
  • Analyzes how the joker and batman shared the same tragic, and emotionally tortured past, which could have caused anyone to go mad.
  • Analyzes how the joker and the main character, batman, will never kill each other, even if they have a chance.
  • Analyzes how the never-ending chase between batman and the joker makes it interesting. batman believes that there are good in everyone, whereas he sees this differently.
  • Analyzes how the movie series fails to deliver the message of the hidden relationship to its audience.
  • Opines that the new batman's solo movie featuring the joker and their dynamic relationship are essential to the success of the batman movie series.

For example, in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, there was a scene showed that the Joker’s goal was to torment Batman, saying how he would never kill Batman just because they complete each other. Joker laughed at Batman’s suggestion to kill him, by saying that, of course, he doesn’t want to kill Batman because he would not know what to do if Batman died. In some way, that makes perfect sense. Although, they are very opposite from each other, yet they are two parts of a whole person, the good and the bad of a person. Some fans realized this, knowing the important of the Joker and the main character, himself, are essential to the movie …show more content…

Many do not realize the importance of the relationship, and had gotten quite annoyed of Batman. People called him weak, he isn’t a real superhero because he has no power, just wealth, and is self-centered. People had thought that Batman was weak because he is incapable of killing the Joker, or killing anyone in that matter. Batman operates under this ‘no-kill’ codes due to many reasons. First, given that his parents were murdered when he was a child, that led him to believe that he didn’t want that bloodshed on his hand. Second, Batman believes that justice is above all, because he believes himself as justice, therefore, he believes that he is above killing his enemies. This is important because this proves that Batman is more relatable to his fans. He isn’t a god, with superpower, rather he is an ordinary guy, with a traumatizing past, just trying to make the world a better place. From Batman, himself, to his enemies and his relationship with the Joker, the choices he had to make to either live by his code or to protect his citizens, reflects that he is very relatable to his fans. The important thing is the hidden relationship between Batman and the Joker, and most often than not, people tend to neglect that. If the Joker were to get killed off the show, Batman will not be the same, neither will the whole

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