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In this assignment my goals is to compare and contrast two images that represent popular American icons a unique way. The two images that were gathered to compare and contrast are of Superman and Batman. Throughout my analysis we can determine that the Superman and Batman characters, have three major features that are as follows; posture, costumes and the background of the photos.
Superman’s posture has a very slim fit body frame; however, he lacks in any muscular stature, making it reflect on him being weak. In his photo, Superman has his hands on this waist but are turned towards the viewer, projecting to everyone. He’s refered to be the elite warrior to restore justice to the people. As well, his feet are slightly turn to the right projecting into a flying stance. In addition, his head is tilted up-left position; lacking the eye contact, which he makes it harder to read emotions through his eyes. Supermans stance defines him as confident.
Likewise, Batman shows a dominance posture in the image. Batman is composing in a very defensive form, making him fall back into a hunchback appearance in effect to look bigger. Thus, scaring off unwanted attention. From this character, Batman doesn’t make any eye contact nor does Superman. Rather, he’s more important in paying attention to his surroundings. Additionally from my position, Batman’s arms are closely range to this cape and belt taking precautions for his safety. Furthermore, Batman’s posture tells determination to fight in what is right for the people.
Superman’s costume is assembled in colors of red, blue and yellow. The color pattern figures noticeable symbols of power, bold and bright combinations. One item that catches my attention is that the Superman trade...

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...blish his action. Even though, Batman does his good activities in the city; the police force thinks differently about him. For example, there is a flying helicopter in search for him. In contrast, with this suit Batman goes along with the darkness as composting it with the dark. Furthermore, the background displays the elements of the city showing hes looking over, protecting the civilians. In other side of the city, everything looks broken down like an old record. Then, the other side of the city are filled with light that brighten the city colors. As Batman hides in the shadows waiting for time to come. Fighting crime at night not knowing where it takes place. The background describes the daily life of a superhero.
In conclusion, I reached my goal of compare and contrast assignment about Superman and Batman in three features from my analysis from two photos.

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