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  • Adverts

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    Adverts After finishing each advert and listening to our final cut we were very happy with the results. However come a few days later when showing it to an audience such as friends and family we believed it might not be as effective as we hoped. Firstly with our REM advert we were happy with the sound levels, the placements of when we spoke and the editing, as it sounded fluent and worked well. However listening to it carefully the information we tried to put across to the audience could

  • Analysing an Advert

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    Analysing an Advert This advert is trying to sell its product, shower gel, to a youngish female audience. The advert comes from a young girls magazine, called "Sugar", which is aimed at teenagers. The background of the advert is white and the images on the advert are either dark or bright so they stand out on the page. There are 2 photographs of the product but they're different scents. The advert is A4 size and the images of the shower gel take up most of the page. This is to make them

  • Analysing an Advert

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    Analysing an Advert The first thing my eye is drawn to in the Fujifilm advertisement is the girl. The fact that she is staring out at you with her blue eyes, red lipstick and bright coloured clothes draw my eye to her. Her stare portrays her as being confident and direct. Her facial expression implies that she is pleased and knowing as if we are with her on the joke and it shows that she is in control. She is a pretty girl that seems sophisticated and smart from the way she glows with

  • REM Advert

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    REM Advert In our REM advert we had decided to play back a couple of REM’s hit songs to remind people of their music and maybe encourage them to come to their performance. Initially we wrote out a list of what needs to be in the advert to tell the audience for example where it was going to be, when it was going to happen, what is was etc… This was the first advert we produced, as we believed that it would be the simpler advert to edit from our past editing experiences when we made our jingles

  • Evaluation of Advert

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    Evaluation of Advert My advert uses a woman’s moisturiser and places it along side a man. This is challenging the representation of men because in a normal advert it would of featured a women because it it’s aimed at women. I started by placing a blue and white gradient background. This is plain and minimalistic but at the same time adding some colour to the advert whereas plain white would have appeared bland. I used blue because it is a very cool colour and is linked with cold colours and ice

  • Analysis Of Wernicke-Korsakoff Adverts

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    Task 1: Advert In the advert about the binge-drinking girl, alcohol is indirectly portrayed as being unattractive and unglamourous through the advert depicting a girl smudging her makeup and vomiting in her hair, as well as being a waste of money as the advert clearly shows the girl ripping her clothes and pouring wine onto the floor, all of which costs money. In the advert about the binge drinking boy, alcohol is indirectly portrayed as being a source of pain as the boy rips out his earring and

  • The Stereotypes Of Dolce And Gabbana Adverts

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    male is always dominant and seems to be in a position of power. In a particular advert, the woman is seen leaning on the man, as if she needs his support and in the same advert she is seen on a different level to the man. This creates the

  • Ad Analysis Of Sisley Advert

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    created an individual and unique personality within the Group. This disturbing advertisement has attracted the attention of millions of viewers from all over the world. This form of shock advertisement fulfills the company’s marketing objectives as this advert ‘blows in our face’. This advertisement portrays two anorexic, under-aged women ‘inhaling’ a white dress, which resembles cocaine. A credit card with some white powder on it is also displayed on the table in the gloomy room. The dusky background also

  • Analysis Of Snickers's Adverts

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    Snickers has created an advertisement which appeals to the readers of Entertainment Weekly through a series of illustrations and texts. The illustrations aid in convincing the reader that a Snickers candy bar will make them happy. Next, the text works to confirm within the reader that he or she needs to eat a Snickers. Snickers’ advertisement for the Snickers candy bar is effective because the illustration appeals to the emotions and cravings of the reader, the text is precisely placed to capture

  • Old Spice Advert Analysis Essay

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    times men did not take it upon themselves to smell nice, but this perception has changed. The contemporary man has to mind his scent and the advertisement on Old Spice attempts to attract men into embracing the fragrance of their body wash. . The advert is a monolog consisting of a male model who is physically built and toned. This symbolizes a successful man who is keen on taking care of his body. It also signifies a strong man who is appealing to the ladies. The first question he asks is if women