Ad Analysis Of Sisley Advert

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‘Fashioin Junkie’
Brand: Sisley
Published: 2007
Advertising Agency: Zoo Advertising, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Alex Sean
Copywriter: Sandy Sang
Photographer: Taurus
Sisley started its own clothing line in 1968. It was not until 1974, when the Benetton Group bought the exclusive rights to use the brand name. Although by 1985, Sisley had created an individual and unique personality within the Group.
This disturbing advertisement has attracted the attention of millions of viewers from all over the world. This form of shock advertisement fulfills the company’s marketing objectives as this advert ‘blows in our face’. This advertisement portrays two anorexic, under-aged women ‘inhaling’ a white dress, which resembles cocaine. A credit card with some white powder on it is also displayed on the table in the gloomy room. The dusky background also gives you wrong vibes, and a suggestion that the setting may be in a club.
The objective of this print ad is to create awareness in our society, that nowadays we have all become ‘addicted’ to fashion. We’re forever conscious about what we wear at all times of the day, or night. The target audience, the youth, is obsessed with the apparel they wear. Even health is not considered as much as sense of fashion is, in today’s world. You could also say that this ad refers to the female gender, more than the males, as females are known for their addiction to shopping, in order to fit into the society through their clothing attire. The ad is quite direct, as the term ‘fashoin’ is purposely used to make it sound a bit similar to cocaine. The models used in the ad, exhibited as anorexic, young girls in party wear sniffing on that dress insinuated to be a drug, provides a n...

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...ers is very important. The method of using shock advertisement for such an ad is quite helpful, as people may realize and relate to the ad and change themselves for the better. It may change the perspective of the audience, and they may understand and appreciate the objective of the ad, too. Therefore, even though this ad may seem disconcerting at first, on further judgement, its audience may accept the ad and its message may also be promoted.

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