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  • Academy Foundation

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    Academy Foundation When considering the origin of our nation’s first military institution, it is important to realize that the American Revolution greatly influenced its conception and foundation. As an impending country, oppressed by the most powerful empire in the world, our independence wasn’t achieved easily. America’s lack of military expertise, including a less than sufficient number of knowledgeable and experienced military leaders proved to be a daunting disadvantage among others. America

  • banaadir academy

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    Banaadir Academy is a K-8 charter school connected to MTS (Minnesota Transitions Charter School). The school is located in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. Banaadir Academy’s focus is to serve 300+ East African students. Most of the scholars are English learners; hence, ELL staffs strive to provide instruction for academic and linguistic proficiency. The students’ competency skills are expected to empower them to communicate effectively with English speakers and to contribute to mainstream society

  • Achievements Of The Academy Awards

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    Caitlyn Girdner English 11 Haddorff March 10 2014 The Academy Awards “An academy award nomination is stuff dreams are made of” -Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Academy award winner in 2012. Since 1927 the academy awards have been fulfilling the dreams of actors, producers, and directors everywhere (History). From when the academy awards were first created, through the milestones over the years, and the iconic oscar statute, the academy awards have become one of the biggest award shows of all time. In early

  • Ubah Medical Academy

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    Evaluation of Ubah Medical Academy Fathi A. Yusuf Ubah Medical Academy Introduction Schools around the nation are attempting to find new ways to get their students college ready. The whole country is now focused on educational reforms. Many schools in the state are not providing the essential skills needed to prepare their students for college. Ubah Medical Academy is one of those schools. A self proclaimed “culturally sensitive” school, Ubah Medical Academy is located in Hopkins, Minnesota

  • History of the Academy Awards

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    the Academy Awards are highly anticipated by all people alike, from being televised across the globe. People look forward to the fashion and the glam of seeing their favorite actor or actress get all dolled up for the awards. Some people watch to see if their favorite movie will take home gold or take home all of the awards for the evening. Each year we curl up on the couch to watch the Academy Awards, but how did it get started and become the big event it is today? The idea for the Academy Awards

  • Laisey Academy Daycare

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    employees have a good relationship with each others, though some more than others. They are ready and willing to work from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave, again they are some who are more willing than others. The Laisey academy is part of a state certified program that caters to families who are part of state funded programs, by in which they provide assistance to low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training and/or attending school. Although

  • The National Academy of Science

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    The National Academy of Science (NAS) is a prestigious non-profit organisation that prides itself on excellency in the fields of science, engineering and medicine and is comprised of many distinguished and well-renowned scientists.1The organisation is responsible for providing objective information of a high quality in these fields, and so, is a prestigious organisation where only the most outstanding academics are elected based on their contributions to expanding scientific research.2 The NAS is

  • Summary of The Austere Academy

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    Summary of The Austere Academy Mr. Poe drives the Baudelaire children to Prufrock Preparatory School. When they get there they meet Vice Principal Nero. Supposedly, they have an advanced computer system that will keep Count Olaf away. When they get there they hear about this wonderful place to live where you get fresh bowls of fruit every day, there is a library, and a game and social room. Only if you have your guardian sign a permission slip. Since the Baudelaire children did not have a guardian

  • Ouran Academy Reunion

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    me you know there. Mori, Honey, and Tamaki will be, too." I frowned, "Plus, another few hundred I barely spoke to during my time at Ouran. I only had classes with a few them! I simply happened to graduate the same year as them!" It was the Ouran Academy Reunion. They had it for every class ten years after their graduation, and it was my year. I hadn't seen most of those people in a decade. Also, because I was valedictorian, I had to make a speech. Did anyone really expect me to be calm? Kaoru took

  • Maywood Academy: To Charter or Not to Charter

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    Maywood Academy gives a lot of opportunities too many students that want to succeed in life. With charter, all those opportunities will just go down the drain. Education is a precious thing and should not be based on how rich or poor you are or your mental capacity. Education is a right, not a privilege. If Maywood Academy turns charter, we will go in a downward spiral; everything will turn chaotic and it will contradict with everything we worked so hard to get. Why Maywood Academy? Why our school