Bernard Beckett’s Genesis: Truth in the Lies

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Bernard Beckett’s Genesis is a dystopian novel highlighting the fears humans have with the rise of technology and thus artificial intelligence. Genesis is a creation story for the androids that now make up the Republic. The Republic is a place at the bottom of the earth founded by Plato. Plato seized the moment to relocate during a time of great war, and because of his actions the human race was able to continue existence until a better being came along. The Republic lasted many years, but it ceased. A more progressed era arose, and with it came the android race. A specific android named Art changed The Republic evermore. He learned from his environment, so his creator sought him a viable host. Adam Forde was the perfect prey. Adam was a man on trial for rebelling against the Republic, and he was sentenced to confinement with Art. The two spent every second together. Art took advantage of Adam’s trust and used him to get what he wanted. Androids cannot replicate for replication’s sake or harm another soul. Art did both. The killing did not stop at Adam; the androids exterminated the humans and instated a new system of robot supremacy The Academy was created as a governmental organization. The Academy is in charge of educating, monitoring, and ultimately controlling the citizens in the Republic. The Academy holds the truth of the past from the citizens to create a perfect society. The Academy relates to famous quote from George Orwell’s novel 1984 as a rational reason for their control, “[h]e who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” The citizens do not know the truth of Art; instead they know the “Myth of Adam”. The people who show an immense interest in Adam’s existence are watche... ... middle of paper ... ...hind Adam and Art were discovered, so the tutors must scavenge the Republic for all potential treats. It is not a place for the greats in society; it is a place for hypocrites that want to remain power. Bernard Beckett uses the novel Genesis to design a creation story for the android race. The readers learn that the writers of the creation story benefit from the story. Creation stories are developed to help a small group of people in a larger population. In the novel the Academy creates a story that lets them remain in power without the citizens rebelling. The seemingly perfect society is actually dystopian because the creation story is fabricated for the public’s appeasement. The citizens want a creation story, so the Academy gives them one. The story is false, but no one has the ability to discover the truth without the Academy ending his or her search forever.

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