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Summary of The Austere Academy Mr. Poe drives the Baudelaire children to Prufrock Preparatory School. When they get there they meet Vice Principal Nero. Supposedly, they have an advanced computer system that will keep Count Olaf away. When they get there they hear about this wonderful place to live where you get fresh bowls of fruit every day, there is a library, and a game and social room. Only if you have your guardian sign a permission slip. Since the Baudelaire children did not have a guardian, they had to live in the Orphans Shack. Where all you got were a few barrels of hay to sleep on and that was it. There were crabs running all over the floor, fungus growing on the ceiling, that would drip liquid on the children, and very unpleasant flower painted walls. Since Sunny was an infant, she couldn’t go to regular class. Nero made her his secretary. They go to the lunchroom and find these tall women with metal masks that serve you food. They also meet Carmelita Spats and The Quagmire triplets. Carmelita Spats is really mean. But the Quagmire triplets become the Baudelaires’ best friends in the book. They meet the new gym teacher, according to Nero, he is the best in the world, but in fact all he is, is Count Olaf in disguise. His “name” that he called himself was Coach Genghis. He had a turban on his head to hide his one eye brow, and shoes with tall backs to hide his eye tattoo on his ankle. They tried to tell Nero, but he didn’t listen. Nero gives 6 hour recitals ever...

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