Academic Achievements

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  • The Importance Of Academic Achievement

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    Academic achievement was something I took pride in. It was important for me to feel as though I was exceeding the expectations and requirements of the education system I was in. While reading chapter 16 of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values, my viewpoints on academic achievement changed. Now I realize that my previous idea of academic achievement was incorrect. There are many aspects of the current education system that negatively impact student’s development and growth

  • Motivation And Academic Achievement

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    Motivation in Academic Achievements Many people would find it difficult to understand why some students perform well in academics while others perform abysmally in all spheres of their academic endeavors. Without a proper investigation and understanding of the fundamental cause, one would just draw a conclusion that the student who fails to strive in school is not good or perhaps not intelligent enough. However, studies have shown that academic achievements go beyond just being enrolled in academic institution

  • Academic Achievement Essay

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    Three factors influencing the Educational Achievement and Socio-Emotional Functioning of Adolescents Intellectual attributes and non-intellectual attributes both contribute and facilitate students ‘success (Burger, 2004). Non-cognitive skills are increasingly considered to be as important as cognitive skills and intelligence quotient (IQ) in determining successful performance in various domains including academic achievement and socio-emotional functioning as these skills play affect greatly the

  • Academic Achievement Gap

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    America’s unyielding academic achievement gap has been a national priority for a long time. Although closing this gap remains a national priority, Wolk (2011) noted that after “30 years of unprecedented effort and enormous expenditure,” student performance has not improved; a third of the graduates are still not prepared for work (p. #). For institutions to close the achievement gap, curriculum experts need to reconsider their educational practices, especially the content of what is being taught

  • Self-esteem and Academic Achievement

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    of self-esteem variables (ethnic identity, acculturation, and language) and academic achievement of adolescents and emerging adulthood from mainstream United States and three diverse ethnic groups (South Koreans, African Americans and Latinos). The findings and implications of the study including recommendations for future research in this area are discussed. Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement Research shows that academic performance influences a person's self-esteem, but it is still debatable whether

  • Student Achievement: The Implication Of Academic Achievement In Education

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    Academic achievement has been variously defined: as level of proficiency attained in academic work or as formally acquired knowledge in school subjects which is often represented by percentage of marks obtained by students in examinations (Kohli, 1975). Researches have shown that besides being the criteria of promotion into the next class, academic achievement is an index of all future success in life. Superior achievers in the academic world generally tend to maintain their level, of achievement

  • Student Achievement: The Concepts Of Success And Academic Achievement

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    best way and to be successful (Rhodewalt & Hill, 1995). Achievement can be defined as an individual's living in a compatible way with himself, making positive results from the efforts he makes while reaching certain targets to realize himself (Kaşlı, 2009, p. 8). When thought in educational terms, success means "an entire set of behaviors consistent with the program objectives" (Demirtaş & Güneş, 2002, p.15) and the academic achievement which is an expression of the skills and acquired knowledge

  • Importance Of Family And Academic Achievement

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    Steinberg (2013) clearly defines educational achievement in one of the three ways: school performance which refers to the grades that the students earn in school, academic achievement which attributes to the students’ performance on their standardised tests or educational attainment which illustrates the number of years of schooling the students complete (p.397). There are many factors that contribute to the students’ academic success, one of them is a family. As family is a primary source

  • Academic Achievement In The Achievement Of Desire By Richard Rodriguez

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    manhood in order to reach the achievement. From the early year, I have realized that every student has their standing point between how much they can lose and gain. Until I read “The Achievement of Desire” written by Richard Rodriguez, this concept is clearly proved. Rodriguez chooses to place himself in a closest point to academic achievement in early age. When he was nearly thirty years old after his graduate study, he wrote about his “embarrassment” in academic success. (Rodriguez 339)

  • Creativity And Academic Achievement Essay

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    Creativity and Academic Achievement among Students Introduction Achievement is a fundamental aspect of everyday life, affecting people’s work, interpersonal relationships, sense of being, and rest (Struthers, Menec, Schonwetter, & Perry, 1996).Different domains of creativity in education, particularly for college students, includes high performance on tests, passing courses, and completing degrees. in education, particularly for college students, includes high performance on tests, passing courses