Music in Our Schools

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Music in Our Schools In most recent years, schools have been fighting to keep music programs alive in school systems across the nation. Some schools believe that due to budget factors, music should be cut out of the academic program, to save some money. But what is widely unknown is that schools that have good music programs do better in areas of math and sometimes reading. A high tech music program called Kodaly, was instituted into the schools of Hungary. If a person were to look at the school today, there are “…no third graders who cannot sing on pitch and sing beautifully” (Dickinson, 1993, p.1). Also, the students of the Hungarian schools academic achievement in math and science “ continues to be outstanding” (Dickinson, 1993, p.1). Another report shows that schools that spend 20% to 30% of their day on music (or the arts), have the highest academic achievement (Dickinson, 1993). One study was conducted involving first and second graders at two Rhode Island public elementary schools to show the effects of musical training on academic achievement. In this study, 96 children were used between the ages of 5-7 in eight first grade classrooms. Four of the classrooms were used as control classrooms, which received the standard amount of musical training; forty-five minutes of music that alternates weeks. The other four classrooms were called “test arts“ classrooms. These classrooms received an hour of music per week. After seven months of this training, the students were all given a standardized test. It was then concluded from the tests, that 77% of the “test arts” classes “…were now at grade level or above in mathematics, as compared to 55% of those in the control groups” (MENC, #1). This clearly shows that if ... ... middle of paper ... ...e to developing a well-rounded individual. 1996. November 30, 2001 from Dickinson, Dee. Music and the mind: academic achievement. November 25,2001 from VH1 (1). VH1 save the music: doe databases unveils link between arts and student success. 2001. November 29, 2001 from VH1 (2). Music makes you smarter. 2001. November 29,2001 from VH1 (3). Researchers find active music making expands the brain. 2001. November 29, 2001 from VH1 (4). Learning the words and the music. 2001. November 29, 2001 from
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