Too Much Stress And Affect Essay

Too Much Stress And Affect Essay

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Too Much Stress To Affect
Time is an important thing to have when you’re young, yet there seems to be less of it the more you need. While you’re young people say to live life, make memories, and enjoy yourself. At the same time they are making you go to school, figure out what you want to be in life, and learn responsibility. Students have way too many things in life that they have to try to manage, which is why homework is a such a bad thing adding on more stress to the student to get everything done. I believe that schools are adding way too much stress to students with the amount of homework they give students, with how long the school days are.
In today’s time homework is something that most schools find necessary to pile onto their students, they believe that if the can send them home and keep them working on it they will continue to regain knowledge outside of school, which most the time is not the case, “ Most researchers now concede that homework does not improve academic achievement for elementary students.” (Kralovec and Buell par. 12) When it comes to homework it actually has been seen that children that do their homework and study more do not always perform at better curricular standards than those who have not studied or done homework at all.
With homework there’s also the issue that comes with family relations. As said in an article “ More homework makes parents put their own agendas on hold even as they often struggle to help their children cope with homework assignments. “ (Kralovec and Buell par. 6) Families need time to teach their children the ways of life, and their traditions. Parents want their children to learn to how to be successful and respectful but the time they have to do so is being shortened due t...

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...dding way too much stress to students with the amount of homework they give students, with how long the school days are. As examined in this paper there are many different ways that homework causes stress and issues with the average american student. With how long the school days are, and the on average homework time after school there seems to be no time for students to do anything else and still get the needed amount of sleep to be healthy. Therefore not only for the need of more time for the students to do after school activities students also need more time after school for their own health. Homework is just way too much pressure for students to have on top of all the test they have to do, and the activities they chose to do. The assignments should either be lessened or taken away all together to allow students to be able to learn and yet still live their lives.

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