The Negative Effects Of Too Much Homework?

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Too Much Homework? We have all gone through the thought of too much homework at one point in our educational lives. There have been many studies towards each side of this discussion. Ironically, many of them have been done by students for their homework. But, has there really been a factual answer? There are many beneficial sides to homework, if given the right amount. First of many, students need the practice for new material and in order for them to comprehend or learn it, they must practice it. They must take the time to actually sit down and focus on their work, and understand the work and lesson they are given. Second of all, homework helps the teacher know what their students understand, in order to go over the lesson in class and make sure the children can comprehend it. The teacher can then continue with what they are learning and not have to worry with a few children not having any clue of what is going on in class. This also makes it quicker for the teacher to actually go over the lesson, rather than go back and help the student that did not understand, due to lack of doing their homework. In order for this to be accomplished,…show more content…
Many of the teachers give way too much homework, and do not realize that student have more homework other than theirs. They might have other classes such as Math, Science, or Social studies homework, and to top it off, they get more homework such as English. Because of this, the children do not have free time to themselves or for their interests and hobbies. To take this a step further, much of their homework is unnecessary work that has already been understood in class or does not need more practice. Many believe that homework can make a student brighter or help them get better grades in school. This is partially true, but too much can cause the productivity, performance, and comprehension of the student to lower drastically rather than raising

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