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Tony Cano And The New York Yankees Essay examples

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It has been almost two years since second baseman Robinson Cano and the New York Yankees decided to part ways and end their relationship. Cano bolted to the west coast to play with the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. The Yankees have had a series of second basemen since the departure of Cano.
Two years later, it’s hard to really signify who profited from the split?
Cano bolted for more money in Seattle. That evidence is staring right in the face of the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and the 28 other Major League teams. Cano wanted “the money”.
Cano left for Seattle because he felt he was not profiting from his services at Yankee Stadium for the Bronx Bombers.
Next to future hall of famer shortstop Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano was just as recognized in New York. His face was all over the city on television as well as street signs.
Cano really excelled in New York at Yankee Stadium. He could hit homeruns with relative ease and was a constant threat in the lineup, as well as on the field with his smooth play at second base. Cano’s ‘sweet spot’ for hitting homeruns was right field in the Bronx.
In December, 2013 Cano signed a 10 year $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners. In comparison, the New York Yankees offered a 7 year deal for $175 million. A longer deal and more money is what Cano opted for. Over the course of the 2014 season, Cano finished with 14 homeruns and 82 RBI’s, along with a .314 batting average. No one doubts his statistics accumulated since his debut with the Yankees in 2005. Cano’s a six time All-Star, five time Silver-Slugger Award winner, two time Gold-Glove winner and a World Series Champion in 2009 with the Yankees.
His second year of the 10 year deal in Seattle is not going well. Cano has 3 homeruns...

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...season the Seattle Mariners and former manager Eric Wedge decided to cut ties from one another. The team went out and hired former Pittsburgh Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon.
In the 2015 season, the Yankees have won 38 of their first 71 games. The Seattle Mariners have only won 33 of their 72 games. Yes, while it is true that it is a long season and anything can happen, neither team has skyrocketed. The Yankees are 2 games behind the injury ravaged and small market Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners are 8 ½ games behind the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Just as in fractured marriages, divorces hurt! Kids can be affected and can bruise the future of a family. In this case, both Cano and the New York Yankees decided to end their time together but in year two of their separation it would clearly be apparent that neither party is happy.

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