Jackie Johnson: The Life And Life Of Jackie Robinson

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Jack Roosevelt Johnson was born in the very segregated south in Cairo, Georgia around 1919. Jackie grew up loving baseball and knew that is what he wanted to do. About two decades before Jackie was born the MLB was split between white and Negro leagues. Jackie being an African-American, of course played for the Negro Leagues. He strived in this sport. He lead the Negro League with most stolen bases and had a great batting average. Both his statistics and love for the game brought the name Jackie Robinson to the attention of the Brooklyn Dodger's manager Branch Rickey.
Branch Rickey was interested in Robinson for two reasons. One, being his talent, of course. Two, Branch Rickey wanted to make a change that will affect the MLB forever. Branch Rickey wanted to assist Jackie Robinson in breaking the color barrier. Jackie was soon tried on the Montreal Royals for the International Leagues. During this period of time, Jackie Robinson of course attracted a huge amount of attention, both good and bad. Of course, the white citizens were furious and continually frustrated with this “disgrace” to baseball. Although the reactions of Caucasians were negative, African Americans were very supportive and encouraged.
Soon Jackie Robinson proved himself worthy of playing for the Dodgers. He had to adjust to some new trials and always remember to not show emotion. Jackie had to learn play first base instead of short stop because that was the teams strong point in Peewee Reese. He also could not react to anything. Teammates, other players, and fans will greatly test him, but he must be strong.
Jackie Robinson went on to win rookie of the year that season, 6 world series, and most importantly show African-Americans they can are just as good as Cauc...

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...nly overall, but in each of their own individual ways. Jackie Robinson changed the world of sports and helped make baseball the way it is today. Martin Luther King Jr. assisted in ending segregation forever and made impacts even when he wasn't alive. Fredrick Douglass was one of the main people who helped end slavery and get African-Americans some of the rights they deserve.
Without these men and many other assistants in African-American history what would the country be like right now. It sure has helped me reconsider my thoughts and actions involving this historical time. I couldn't imagine the NBA without Michael Jordan or the NFL without Walter Payton.
With this being stated I apologize for my silly actions and I honestly think it was foolish of me to make such a ignorant joke or even any other possibly racist jokes.

– Sincerely,
Teddy Gosselin
Teddy Gosselin
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