Latinos in Baseball

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I chose this topic because I thought that it was important to highlight the recent successes of the Latino baseball players to show how minority groups can prosper in America. Latino atheletes have gain notoriety and riches through the sport of baseball. These are things that they couldn’t have dreamed about achieving without Major League baseball. Major League Baseball has given Latin Americans the opportunity to better their economic and social situation.
Many Latin American children dream about playing baseball in the Major Leagues. One reason for this is because to them playing in the Major Leagues is a way out of their current situation. There is poverty in many Latin American countries. Many children dream of being rich and famous like their Latin American heroes.
Their heroes include Sammy Sosa. Sammy Sosa, because his homerun race with Mark Maguire has become a household name. To many Latinos he represents the opportunity to succeed. He has opened doors for many Latinos to play in the Major Leagues.
Many Latinos have taken advantage of this opportunity. Latinos now make up almost thirty percent of Major League Baseball players. There are currently almost two hundred Latino baseball players in the Major Leagues. Many of these Latino baseball players have experienced much success.
Juan Gonzalez was the 1998 American League MVP. Sammy Sosa won the 1998 National League MVP award. Bernie Williams was the 1998 American League batting champion. Ivan Rodriguez won the 1998 America League MVP award. Pedro Martinez was the 1999 Cy Young Award winner. Rafael Palmiero won the American League Gold Glove Award in 1999. These are just a few of the outstanding Latino baseball players currently in Major League Baseball.
The highest paid baseball player in Major League Baseball history is a Latino. Alex Rodriguez signed a seven-year contract for two hundred and fifty-six million dollars in 2000. This not only made him the richest baseball player ever, but also the richest Latin American athlete in history. The signing of Alex Rodriguez proved that Latin American athletes deserved to sign big money contracts just like the other players.
Teams are taking are taking advantage of the abundance of talent in Latin America. All major League teams are active in the Dominican Republic. The Dodgers, the first team to move into the Latin American market, scout the area’s talent closely. About one hundred and four of the two hundred and thirty-seven minor-leaguers they had under contract at the start of the year were from that region.
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