The History Of New York Yankees

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Top Ten Yankees through the Years
One of the most iconic names in baseball is the team name “New York Yankees”, and along with it have come some equally as famous players. The Yankees have had so much talent come through their stadium, names including Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Mickie Mantle to name a few. Though there are several arguments about who the greatest players of the game are it is no question who the top ten are from the New York team. Based on up to date career statistics these players have a ninety year span of talent between them. These players may not have top score in all parts of the game but they have all set certain records that either have yet to be broken or held for a longer time than most students have been alive.
While many questions in baseball can be argued over and over without result, the question of who is the greatest Yankee is a simple one. Babe Ruth is undeniably the greatest Yankee of all time. Beyond simple being a great Yankee Rader refers to Ruth as being a “pivotal figure in establishing the greatest dynasty in baseball history, that of the New York Yankees”. Babe Ruth forever changed the game; his hitting ability inspired not just baseball players but also the nation. Beyond the numbers, we can gauge Ruth’s greatness through looking at the longevity of his fame. Even today Babe Ruth is a household name and more recognizable then any other historic baseball player. As Ruth acquired his slugging average of .847, he was able to personify the American dream.
The Iron Horse’s consecutive game streak of 2,130 games easily makes him a legend and his hitting records and Triples crown puts that legend at number two on our list. When Lou Gehrig’s career was tragically caught short, by what is now comm...

... middle of paper ... two similar ones from Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx for being the youngest player to hit 500 home runs and then later 600 home runs. He is a phenomenal player but unfortunately again there will always be a question of whether this was because of his talent after several years or if his records should be more attributed to the drugs.
Based on statistics and other aspects of the game these are a few of the top players of the Yankees, as one of the oldest teams in the game there was a lot of talent that went through. These men however were the ones who stood out the most for one reason or another, we honor them as the top ten Yankees due to the talent and effort they placed in a game that was so close to their hearts. Yes more players will come though the team and possibly break their records but these men will still remain some of the largest names in Yankee history.
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