Three Political Leaders' Views on the Issues Essay

Three Political Leaders' Views on the Issues Essay

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Ken Cuccinelli opposes the new healthcare reform and wants to change it to the way the health care was. He wants to leave the medical decisions to the doctors and the families and that the government should stay out of people’s healthcare. He has stated that the new”Obamacare will cost the country more than it will save it in the long run”. He also wants to make state crossing healthcare legal which would increase interstate commerce and be better for the economy. Says that Obamacare is unconstitutional and should not be allowed to pass.
Cuccinelli has stated that he is open to ideas of any new drug reform ideas. If the legalization of marijuana every came to a vote he would vote for it. Wanting to fight the harder drugs like pills, meth, crack ect. If marijuana became legal in Virginia he would tax it and use the money to help fund the drug war in Virginia. Believes that with marijuana was legal it would be an amazing tax income for the state.
Ken believes that traditional marriage should be protected. Also he has stated that marriage is only for one man and one woman as in the bib...

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