The Importance Of Sex Education

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Sex education is a very controversial and sensitive topic among teens and among parents. Sex education should however be provided in schools and accurately online. Sex education should emphasize protection and safety among teens, promote abstinence to reduce teen sexual activity, and provide factual information about sex and pregnancy on the internet and in the class room. Teen sex education emphasizes protection and safety. Conflict began at the beginning of the modern era of sex education, roughly around the time that the HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sex education teaches that condoms are extremely effective in fighting the spread of HIV as well as many other sexually transmitted diseases. Research shows that this is a much more effective approach than abstinence until marriage education. Abstinence sex education teaches that the only proper sexual activity is within opposite sex marriage, leaving out a group of teens. Safe sex programs are not based on ethnical viewpoints, but are science based and medically accurate. They teach teens about contrace...
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