Essay On Liberalism

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I am a liberal. Modern liberalism in the United States is associated with the ideas of liberty and political equality; its advocates favor change in the social, political, and economic realms to better protect the well-being of individuals and to produce equality within society. My liberal views align with the Democratic Party on almost every single issue. Television has influenced my political ideology. Television has convinced me, when it comes to political ideologies, that there is only two viable choices: conservative, or liberal. I have developed an “Us vs. Them” mentality, when I watch the news. I find the words conservative and Republican synonymous with each other, as well as democrat and liberal. I often catch myself siding with Democrats for no other reason than that I am anti-Republican. I watch a lot of The Daily Show. The Daily Show spends a great deal of its air time discrediting the reasons behind conservative beliefs, which only helps legitimize my anti-conservative and pro-liberal views. My parents are divorced, and I was raised by my father and step-mother, both whom are deeply conservative Christians. They vote Republican. They constantly stress the importance of having a Republican president, in case a new Supreme Court Judge has to be appointed. Abortion is murder, and Roe vs. Wade needs to be overturned. They are completely against gay marriage. Everyone on welfare needs to be drug tested. They are pro death penalty. They believe Obama-care is socialism, unconstitutional, and possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to America. They refer to the Bible for every social issue they are against, and can quote scriptures from the Old Testament to explain why they are right. They watch a ... ... middle of paper ... ...s are two of the highest reasons that Americans are in debt. Significant debt prevents Americans from spending money on goods and services, and America’s economy is driven by consumer purchasing. I believe the economy can benefit, in the long run, if there are more Americans that are educated and are healthier. Increased education and increased healthcare, for Americans, are the two largest reasons that I am a liberal. From a philosophical point of view, it is right thing to do. It is for the common good, and society, as a whole, can benefit from these programs being expanded. Bibliography/Works Cited AMERICAN DEMOCRACY NOW THIRD EDITION HARRISON, HARRIS, DEARDORFF 2013 The costs and benefits of an excellent education for all of America’s children. Teachers College, Columbia University Levin, Henry, Clive Belfield, Peter Muennig, and Cecilia Rouse. 2007.

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