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Everyone in America can identify as being a part of one of two groups. These two groups are at the core of our nation and have an effect on all of our lives. On November 6, 2012 voters from these two groups to went to the poles and made their decisions. After all the votes were counted one thing became very clear, our nation was divided. Barak Obama won reelections by only a slim margin on an almost perfect 50/50 split. The split in our nation’s political views has been caused by the polarization of the political views of liberals and conservatives.
Conservative and liberal have different beliefs on most everything. At the most basic level liberals are considered to be open to change while conservatives hold traditional views and prefer the status quo. These differences in base beliefs have an enormous effect on their ideas of the role of government. Liberals believe that the government should provide for and help people. By providing for the people they believe that it will create a level of equality between all classes. Liberals also believe that it is the government’s job to be involved in the nation’s social problems and guide change. For liberals it all culminates in the belief for a larger, more involved government. Conservatives on the other hand believe in a government that focuses on people’s individual responsibility and freedom. By doing so they believe that people will work to better themselves and provide for themselves. Conservatives also believe in a limed government that only provides basic functions for the people. For conservatives it all culminates in the principle of a smaller, less involved government. The basic large versus small government mentality is evident in many of the differencing views of liberals a...

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...onal with conservatives. They again follow the traditional and religious beliefs that an unborn child is alive and has its own rights as a human. Once again it boils down to their basic beliefs. The only difference is that social values can be based on religious and moral grounds rather than pure political ideals like the size and function of the government or the economy.
While there are endless examples that can be used to show the fundamental differences between liberals and conservative they can all be summed up rather simply. liberal prefer a larger, more involved government that is based on equality and change while conservative prefer a smaller, less involved government that is based on individual responsibility and personal freedom. These differences in the political views of our nation have caused polarization of the government and have divided the nation.
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