Thomas Jefferson And The Republican Party Essay

Thomas Jefferson And The Republican Party Essay

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Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison were all members of the Democratic- Republican Party. The Democratic- Republican Party had many standards for which it was built upon. These standards included the opposition of the National Bank, tariffs, Great Britain, and the Jay Treaty. They stood for a strict constitution, states rights, and they saw the importance in the yeoman farmers. All of these things went completely against everything that their opposing Federalist party stood for. However, even though their beliefs strongly differed those of the Federalists it didn’t stop Jefferson, Monroe, or Madison from adopting Federalist ideas. These ideas included: Jefferson straying from the Democratic-Republican Party’s idea of strict constitution when he made the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, Monroe’s improving relations with Britain, and Madison’s implication of internal improvement and tariffs.
Thomas Jefferson was one of the founding fathers of the Democratic- Republican Party and was also the 3rd president of the United States. Since he was a part of this party meant that he opposed Federalist ideas. However, he did stray from Democratic-Republican ideas and adopted some Federalist ideas when he felt they were necessary. One of the biggest contradictions facing Jefferson and his straying from regular Democratic-Republican ideas was when he signed the purchase treaty of the Louisiana Territory. This purchase treaty gave the Louisiana Territory to the United States doubling its size. When signing this treaty Thomas Jefferson was a little fearful due to the fact that it went against the Democratic-Republican ideas. The signing of this treaty would be seen as unconstitutional because the purchase of this l...

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...ison straying from his original ideas are proof that nothing is never certain.
Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison all strayed from their Democratic-Republican views at some point or another. They found ways around the constitution contradicting with their want for a strict constitution, some built unconstitutional roads, and others signed treaties with Great Britain. All were things that would have been accepted by the Federalists, yet were all carried out by Democratic-Republicans. This straying from original frameworks can still be seen today in present day political parties. Nothing is ever set in stone and things are subject to change with every candidate and even person. Although they didn’t completely stick with their original plan of action, many historians say that with these actions these founding fathers helped in building a strong country.

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