Compare And Contrast Democrat And Republican Parties

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In today's day in age, the Democratic and Republican parties seem to be completely diverse. These two parties have completely opposing views on topics ranging from social issues, health care, tax policy, labor and free trade, foreign policy, crime and capital punishment, energy and environmental issues, and even education. Once upon a time however, these two groups were not as polarized as they have become. Both were once a single party known as the Democratic-Republican Party, formed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1791. This sole party favored the idea of a decentralized, democratic government. They despised the idea of the U.S government becoming anything similar to England's monarchy system at the time. They also supported states’ rights as well as the literal and strict interpretation of the U.S Constitution. The group's purpose was to stand against the Federalists who were…show more content…
They also believe that taxes should go towards those programs. Republicans want less funding and more control. They like the idea of private organizations that support people who need assistance. Foreign policy is another major topic that Democrats and Republicans have strong views about. In a situation where the military may be required, Democrats approve of targeted strikes and the restriction of manpower. Republicans approve of a more intense military with more soldiers. Energy and environmental issues are also another topic that both parties disagree on. Democrats support drilling for fossil fuels which is better for the environment. Republicans believe in expanded drilling which creates more energy at a cheaper cost. Democrats are advocates for using tax money to research solutions for alternative energy and Republicans just want to let the industry itself figure out the most practical solutions
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