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The creation of political parties originally caused some conflict. Many people thought that they were evil. As time went on, the people warmed up to the idea, and characterizations of the Republican and Federalist parties began. The Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson, strictly interpreted the Constitution, but eventually, they loosened their views on the interpretation of the Constitution. On the other hand, Federalists held views on a loose interpretation of the Constitution, until they realized that a more strict interpretation could be a good thing. When Jefferson was president, he felt threatened by Federalist ideas on the government. So, he began to restructure those policies until they coincided with the Republican viewpoint and the…show more content…
Even though both were Republicans, their beliefs in the running of the country differed. Madison did not follow the Constitution quite as strict as Jefferson did. Essentially Madison forced men to enlist in the military and fight for the American cause as it states in Document D. Many questioned if it was constitution asking if it said anywhere in the Constitution that a president is allowed to take men from their families and make them fight in war. The answer to their question is no. Jefferson more than likely disagreed with Madison in this case. John Randolph, one of few Republicans whose view does not change, also questions Madison’s constitutional interpretation in Document F. He believes that Madison’s administration is following in the footsteps of John Adams instead of Jefferson. He feels that Madison is abusing his powers of managing trade for the United States with implicating tariffs. In Document H, the regulation of trade is also discussed. Madison becomes slightly stricter in his interpretation of the Constitution when he vetoes a bill for the construction of roads and canals. He says that this power is not directly given nor can it be inferred from the Constitution; therefore, he refuses to pass the bill. Madison also attempted to remain peaceful with Britain and France like Jefferson. So, he created his own, less intense version of the Embargo Act called the Non-Intercourse Act. It allowed
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