The Effects of Industrialization on Norway’s Economy, Environment and Population

The Effects of Industrialization on Norway’s Economy, Environment and Population

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The Effects of Industrialization on Norway’s Economy, Environment and Population

Up until the beginning of the twentieth century, Norwegians were primarily
fisherman and farmers. The fishing industry has been the basis of life and culture in
Norway for hundreds of years. The fishing industry is still very important in Norway,
however the discovery of oil in the North Sea has had a huge impact on the Norwegian
economy and culture. Oil discoveries in the North Sea have made Norway a wealthy
nation. Since the discovery of oil, Norway has become a highly industrialized country.
Today, Norway has become very modern and technologically advanced. Industrialization
is defined as, “ To develop industry in (a country or society, for example)”. [30] The
industry that is primarily being developed in Norway is oil. This industrialization has not only effected Norway’s economy but also its population and environment. Industry has
brought a lot of jobs to Norway and many Norwegians are moving to Norway’s urban
areas to be close to these jobs. More than 90,000 people work in the oil industry today.
Around 20,000 are shift workers on the oil and gas platforms in the North and Norwegian
Seas, Norway’s two main oil and gas-producing areas.[29] Unemployment in Norway is
at an all time low. Immigration to Norway has increased because of the many job
opportunities that the oil industry has brought to Norway. In my paper I will talk about
the many ways in which industrialization has impacted Norway’s economy, population
and environment. I think this is relevant to the class because it will entail discussions on immigration, economy, and population.

Norway’s population grew more rapidly during the 19th century than during any

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