Global Warming: Polar Bears are Endangered

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Essay Title: Polar bears are endangered Polar bears are one of the countless species who are endangered. They were one of the first animals affected by global warming and their population is heavily decreasing. Around 1980, the Arctic was as large as 8 million square kilometres. In 2011, studies show that the Arctic has reduced its size to 4.5 million square kilometers. In the future, will there be anything such as the Arctic? Scientist predict by 2040, only a fringe of ice will remain in Northeast Canada and Northern Greenland. This is known as the Last Ice Area. This matter is mostly taking part in Canada, since; Canada holds more than half the world’s polar bear population. Other affected countries include the U.S. (Alaska), Greenland, Russia, and Norway (the Svalbard archipelago) .There are solutions to slow down global warming but unless we all act together, then there is no hope for the polar bear inhabitants of earth. CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM Polar bears are endangered animals as a result of the humans polluting their environment. Human hobbies such as hunting destroy polar bear population. Some cultures find polar bears as good sources of food. But, the leading reason behind polar bears endangerment is global warming. Global warming is destroying the polar bear habitat. Global warming is caused by humans but we are not making an effort to fix it. A lot of humans still do not even know what global warming is and should be aware of this issue. The main cause of global warming is humans; we should solution for this concern. The ringed seal is the polar bear’s best source of food. The reduction of ice is causing the seal population to reduce and it is causing the bears to face starvation. The reduction of food supply is a key to... ... middle of paper ... ...vy changes to our environment then we will create a better environment for polar bears and us. Conclusion Global warming, pollution and humans’ indirect but huge impact to these effects destroy animal population: especially the polar bears. Polar bears may become extinct in the future, but if we make an effort now, then we can prevent that. Why destroy the environment and destroy a whole animal race for our regular human habitats. We are no different than criminals in jail and we are murders as well. Humans should make global warming a priority and execute ideas and plans to solve the destruction waiting to happen on the polar bears. Since Canada holds the majority of the population, we should step up and do something to encourage everyone to take a step. No money can replace a whole community of animals. Works Cited
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