Support Drilling for Oil in Alaska?

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1. If you were a congressman/congresswoman from Alaska would you support or be against drilling oil in Alaska? Explain why or why not? I actually disagree with drilling. We have to look at the bigger picture and think about the long term goals. Bottom line oil is needed to reduce energy prices and U. S. dependence on foreign oil however at what cost. We have to protect the environment and the animal’s writhing in it. 2.Discuss the benefits as well as adverse effect of drilling oil in Alaska on the environment and people. Drill can destroy habitats; disrupt animal life force people to give up their traditional way of living their lives. However, Alaska has a very poor economy and drilling there would create jobs and help to bring money back to the area. I was a congressman from Alaska I would be weighing my options, I would do a thorough study of the lands and after that I would allow small portions of drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Moreover, I would be making periodic assessments of every drilling area. If indeed there is a fact proven that oil development harms local wildlife, I will then conduct re-assessment of the ANWR drilling. I understand there economic restrains on buying only foreign crude oil supplies, but only in needed situations I would allow drilling to occur, but all there will be drilling limitations. However, if the ANWR myths are false, then a well organized planned, with numerous continuity groups always observing the work orders, would strive to manage a balance of keeping Alaska lands salvageable and avoiding land deterioration, to where recoverability is not possible. The benefits of oil drilling in Alaska are the reduction of foreign oil dependency. In 2012, petrol... ... middle of paper ... ...l feedstock. If ANWR drilling is allowed, our domestic crude oil production can reach a feasible rate of 10 million barrels per day by 2020. Additionally, with innovations in technology and better consumption habits are implemented, factors like: fuel efficient vehicles can be produced, electric battery created, and natural gas in freight transportation can be extended. The adverse effects on oil drilling are all the ANWR myths come to life. Oil production could disrupt the caribou cows, porcupine herd and polar bear populations. This can be done by destroying denning areas, and calving grounds that can lead to weak live stock development, followed by potential disease spreading epidemics.
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