My Family's Migration to the United States

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The United States is a country known for its variation of nationalities and ethnic races. After extensive research, and questioning I discovered that my ancestors originated from Norway and Switzerland. My family migrated to the United States in the late 1800’s from Norway due to social, economic, and religion reforms as well as, a surplus in the population. Learning of my ancestor’s migration to America has very much influenced my views on the existing immigration problems that the U.S. currently faces. Like many Norwegians in the late 1800’s my ancestors made the expedition from Norway to America in pursuit of a better life. The most common route that most Norwegian natives would voyage was from Norway to New York, and then they would colonize in the Great Plains in the upper Midwest. Which encompassed states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Dakotas. Most Norwegians preferred to settle in rural a area, which was what these states offered, as well as the possibility to stay in close proximity with other Norwegian immigrants. Succeeding the traditional Norwegian migration patterns my Great Grandfather traveled from Norway to America. He arrived in New York then journeyed to Minnesota. My Great Grandfather stayed in Minnesota for the remaining of his life. As a young boy my Grandfather, Christian Olaf Johnson migrated from Minnesota to Karvel Colorado in the early 1900’s during the homestead era, and became a first generation homesteader. After living in Colorado for approximately 30 years, the Dust Bowl hit and due to the harsh effects that the drought had on their living conditions such as starvation my Grandfather made the decision to migrate to California, which is where my family is settled to this day. This migration bra... ... middle of paper ... is why, it is necessary that we should make more efforts to allow immigrants to come to America, and have a chance at a better future. America has made such strict regulations, laws and, to migrate to America legally which I imagine is the cause of the large amount of illegal immigrants in our country today. In conclusion, migration is part of everyone’s life, had it not been for immigrants, and migrations of our ancestors the United States would not be known as country with a variation of different nationalities, and ethnicities. Without my Great Grand Father’s migration to America my family would not be where it is today and I most likely would not have all of the opportunities that I currently have when it comes to school and religious freedoms. I am very indebted to my ancestors for migrating and permitting my family to live the life that we have in America.

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