Essay about Test Anxiety And Its Effect On Students

Essay about Test Anxiety And Its Effect On Students

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Test Anxiety
According to the American Test Anxieties Association, “About sixteen to twenty percent of students have high test anxiety, making this the most prevalent scholastic impairment in our schools today. Another eighteen percent are troubled by moderately high test anxiety.” A small amount of anxiety is a normal reaction to taking tests and may motivate some students. However, it becomes a problem when the levels of anxiety become too high and start effecting student performance. Also, if they connect self-worth to the outcome of a test and fail to study until last minute it can leave a student anxious and overwhelmed. Having test anxiety can be a challenge for any student, and can be frustrating, especially if they do not know what could be causing the test anxiety. Poor time management, lack of preparation, and fear of failure can cause test anxiety in students.
Poor time management often leaves students with inadequate study time and can be a beginning cause of test anxiety. Procrastinating, putting study off until the last minute, is a good example of how poor time management can cause test anxiety in students. Amber Tresca, a Professional Medical Editor, who wrote, “Feeling as though you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in can create a significant amount of stress. Procrastinating, or wasting time on activities that aren 't a priority, can also result in increased stress, especially when these actions have consequences such as a missed deadline. The stress caused by a lack of time management can also lead to poor performance at work or school.” (May 13, 2013) When students procrastinate, they leave themselves little or no time for study. When time is poorly managed, and there is not enough time to pre...

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...will not do good on a test.
Test anxiety can be a challenge for any student and can be caused by poorly managing time, failing to prepare, and fear of failure. Looking for and recognizing the causes of test anxiety could help students prevent severe test anxiety. The Counseling and Mental Health Center mentions, “The goal of addressing test anxiety is not to eradicate anxiety altogether but to reduce it to a manageable level so it 's working for you rather than against you.” Although test anxiety can be a challenge, when kept in check it could become be an advantageous way for students to remain motivated. Knowing what causes test anxiety may help students with severe test anxiety keep it at a manageable level and by keeping it at manageable level it may help motivate them to develop better study and test skills. Lowering anxiety may increase student success rates.

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