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CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Education gives a new and refined life to human beings. It enhances thinking and reasoning power, thereby producing good and responsible citizens which in turn contribute to the development of country. Amongst all the stages of education, right from play school to university education, the senior secondary stage of education is the most important, because it is the time when the foundation for future education is laid. It is a pivotal period for the multifaceted evolution of a child. Education provides the opportunity for growth and development. Secondary education acts as a link between primary education and university education. Anxiety plays an important role at secondary …show more content…

Indeed, adolescent may be defined as the period within the life span when most of a person’s biological, cognitive, psychological and social characteristics are changing from what is typically considered child-like to what is considered adult-like (Learner and Spainer, 1980). This period is a dramatic challenge for any adolescent, which requires adjustment to change one’s own self, in the family, and in the peer group. Contemporary society presents adolescents with institutional changes as well. Among young adolescents, school setting is changed; involving a transition from elementary school to either junior high school or middle school; and late adolescence is accompanied by transition from high school to the worlds of work, University or childrearing. An adolescent experiences it all ranging from excitement and of anxiety, happiness and troubles, discovery and bewilderment, and breaks with the past and yet links with the future (Eya, …show more content…

As a result people suffer from psychological disorders. Although anxiety is not so serious, people experience it everywhere and constantly within all cultures. But the educational system is worried about students’ anxiety which can be intolerable for some. Academic anxiety during education is the most important kind of anxiety in teenage. It threatens student psychological health and affects their efficiency, aptitude, personality formation and social identity. Academic anxiety is a general expression which refers to a social phobia or social anxiety in which the person falters in their function and cannot confront situations assessing themselves, such as examinations. This anxiety is functional and different studies show that 10%-30% of students are involved. In fact, academic anxiety is a self-obsession which is characterized by feelings of self-inferiority, regarding their abilities and students often tend toward negative cognitive assessment, lack of concentration, undesirable physiological reactions, such as increase of heart rate, cold fingers, drop in blood pressure and lower educational performance. This anxiety is related to students competition with their classmates and reduction in standards of educational performance, assignments, examinations and high rigidity, ability to study and worry about the future. It seems that in our country fear of low

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that education gives a new and refined life to human beings, thereby producing good and responsible citizens. anxiety plays an important role at secondary level of education because this is the threshold of future education.
  • Explains that the current era with quick shifts in environmental structure has been a stressful, disquiet and pressured century. academic anxiety during education is the most important kind of anxiety in teenage.
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