Terrorism And The Criminal Justice System Essay

Terrorism And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, throughout my Bachelors program has been exciting as much as an eye opener. Some of the subjects were ones that I did not expect. There were also, ones that had no idea how ignorant I was on the subject.
Wanting to understand and be involved with putting the right criminal behind bars has always been a passion. Getting a better understanding of the criminal justice system explained how innocent can be convicted. During, this learning process it has been obvious that there are new and lethal forms of criminality, which can range from international terrorism to transnational syndicates.
Some of these new realities were hard to swallow, but I am very glad that I have now been educated on so many subjects. Until, one really thinks about it or gets educated there is really no way to know the efforts done when dealing with prosecuting, parole, probation, preventing, stopping, and solving crime, by our criminal justice system. It was eye opening, realizing all the dangers that law enforcement (local, state, and federal) officers are acceptable to.
Change requires an appropriate response, and not just in the technology used to deal with whatever way the crime issue materializes itself. Our society has become one that is very diverse. Law enforcement agencies (local, state, and federal) for our changing society need to include an increase representation of women and minorities, definite improvement in leadership skills, and to strengthen community policing. These are all issues of great importance, which are no longer going to be pushed aside.
The impact of my career goals has not changed about law enforcement, just my thoughts. So, to be efficient and effecti...

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...er’s guilt after evidence indicated their innocence. “All four men were cleared in the last years of Michael Waller 's 22-year tenure as state 's attorney, which ended in 2012, but only after the men had served a combined 60 years in prison”. Rivera and two of the other men had signed confessions (Hinkel, Mills, 2015).
Cases like this, is what has always been intriguing and alarming. Besides, following in my father’s footsteps in law enforcement, it is cases as discussed wanting to get involved with the criminal justice system. Making a difference legally and ethically by getting the truly guilty behind bars is what justice is supposed to be about. I will never understand how it makes a prosecutor or law enforcement officer feel good when it is not the real perpetrator of the crime. Does a case really need closed bad enough by convicting the wrong individual?

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