Personal Statement For My Passion For Criminal Justice

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Personal Statement:
I have always taken an interest in Criminal Justice and crime prevention ever since middle school and I set out to make my career goal to become a Criminal Justice professional. Thus, pursuing a Criminal Justice master’s degree has been a part of my plans for the future and will become one of my core focuses that I will set up in my graduate studies. It will also enable me to become a more competent working professional and encourage me to advance towards the doctoral program.
My passion for Criminal Studies started back to when I was still in middle school. One of my neighbors, a well-received cancer researcher from Wayne State University, was unfortunately assaulted by a juvenile criminal one cold winter night after recovering from a car accident while calling for help. He was later discovered and transferred to the nearest hospital; however he died shortly after from his injuries due to a major loss of blood. It was my first major experience to Criminal Justice and from then on I went to learn more
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In my undergraduate studies, I endeavored to further my knowledge and understanding up to the more advanced levels and achieved an outstanding result. As I started my CJ studies in the Spring of 2014, I became preoccupied by the systematic trainings that I received in the criminological theories, crime correction, and the relevant laws. I was keen to study for this particular program because I understood how this knowledge can be utilized to reduce and prevent crime to benefit the lower classes of different communities. These experiences helped me to build up a solid foundation to carry out higher-level research in the
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