Relationship Between The Police And The Citizens

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Understanding the issue is just part of what’s needed. The purpose of the section is to identify a solution, or as may be the case, solutions. So, the question here is what can we do to improve the relationship between the police and the citizens. Over the years there has been many books written and studies conducted, all in an effort to find the best way to improve police and citizen relationships. To do this we must look at all available information. According to The Study Circles Resource Center’s Protecting Communities, Serving the Public: Police and residents building relationships to work together (2000), “Bring police and community together. We need to meet not just when there is a crisis or a big crime. We should do things to build relationships that are not so full of conflict. Then it would be easier to work together. We can build respect and trust for one another when we make time to meet with and learn about each other. This is the only way to do it.
♦ Hold regular local meetings with police to raise concerns and talk about what to do to make things better.
♦ Set up a community police academy or other training to learn more about the police 's job. "Ride along" programs with police on patrol help teach people about this.
♦ Work together on projects like community gardens, after-school programs, and block parties. Work with the media to create guidelines on how to cover stories fairly for both citizens and police.
♦ Have officers work in one neighborhood for a long time. Have more foot or bicycle patrols. Give officers enough time on calls to get to know the people they serve.
♦ Make a strong commitment to community-oriented policing. Everyone in the police department should be involved, not just a few units or off...

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...believe the main issue for them is police racial and class biases. For this we see an increase in police training, to include diversity classes, implicit bias courses and race relations training. Then we have others who believe that the police need to work with the youth to improve future relationships and to help them become a stronger part of the community.
Conversely, police officers may suggest that there are citizens that don’t do their part to make their neighborhoods safe, which takes us back to Sir Robert Peel. Unfortunately, when the police try to empower people to be accountable, and to do their part, the interpretation is that the police are avoiding their responsibility. In any case, understanding there is work to be done by both, the police and citizens is the first step. Now, implementing the processes to make the corrections needed is merely a start.
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