Technology Is Not A Convenient Life Without Technology Essay examples

Technology Is Not A Convenient Life Without Technology Essay examples

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Think about your life without technology; no cellphones, no computers, and no Internet. Life without technology is not a convenient life. Without technology we would not have the access to the world we have today because it provides us with better communication, medicine, and safety. Many people would disagree with this and argue that technology can affect our communication skills and that texting and driving causes many deaths. However, the positive outcomes that technology provides us with, outweighs the minor negative issues that can be easily avoided.
The development of communication has allowed us many opportunities with communication. Now with the click of a button, the world is at our hands. Who wouldn’t want that? People who have friends, family, and loved ones that they cannot see such as those serving in the military and those living far away can log on to a computer and in seconds be talking face to face. We are also provided with text messaging which allows us to be connected to anyone in the world with just the click of a “send” button. For example, if you are doing a school project in class you and your partner can simply text to share ideas, or to catch up on what has happened in class. Additionally, many teachers are now doing mass media with their classes, which enables them to send students a free message as a reminder to do homework, to study for a test, or do to short review of what they learned in class. Think about social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchatt, Instagram etc., it may not feel like it, but we communicate with people through apps easily. In my senior class, for example, we have a group on Facebook for all the girls going to Senior Prom so we can all communicate and not get the same dress o...

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...ant safety feature that is available to everyone is 9-1-1 calling. When someone breaks into your house, your house catches on fire, you get into a traffic accident or someone has a medical issue the, ability to call 9-1-1 and get help instantly is something that no one should go without.
Technology has enabled us to have better communication, live longer and more fulfilling lives and to be safer in our communities. Many people still believe that technology does more harm than good, but it’s the opposite. Everyone’s lives are impacted for the better from the use of technology. It has allowed us to do more and to over come challenges that we would have never thought were even possible. I think that everyone agrees technology is extremely beneficial to the environment. Now the real question is would you want or be able to live without technology in your daily lifestyle?

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