Are We Too Dependent on Technology?

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Are we too dependent on technology?
Yes or No?

Finally I am able to describe my opinion in the situation, if whether or not society is becoming too dependent on technology. I believe that most of the times technology is helpful in carrying on everyday life, but at times technology isn’t really needed. Technology is used a lot to communicate, but some families don’t even spend time together and later just fall apart. To me medical technology is a very important factor to account for in this situation. Because it can either kill someone or save them. Education has also been brought up into this argument for helping students and affecting students. Family separation, medical advances, and education play a major rule in my decision toward this topic. Technology is a helpful tool for many people while to others it is just a distraction. Technology will never stop being developed but some of the thing being created and how they are used are really not the nessessary
Parents nowadays don’t spend as much time with their kids as they used to. One of the main causes that family relationships are becoming weaker and weaker is the growth of technology. Things like Tweeter, Facebook, and Instagram by some teenagers’ definition is a place where they can express themselves. But they give up to much information at times and create arguments within the family and sooner or later destroy the trust within the relationship.
Another thing that parents do is not correctly discipline their children. What they think is a punishment, is really a reward to the child. For example the child is becoming annoying to the parent; the parent will then give the child either a cellphone or a tablet so that the child will become distracted. By doing this time...

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...many benefits for us, but it is not really needed all the time. Maybe in some situations for people technology is needed every day in their lives. But the fact is that people don’t really need all these new gadgets, they didn’t have all of this kind of stuff back in the day, and they still mad it through. Education is being helped by technology and sometimes just giving the student the answer. Later on though it can affect the student when a more difficult situation comes, they will not know what to do.
Technology now literally controls the world and what goes on. The economy is dependent on the use of technology, but there are minor creation that don’t really have a use at all and can be done without it. So again my opinion is that technology is need in life, but at times it isn’t that use. Things that can be done by technology can sometimes be done by without it.
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