Technology During The 21st Century Essay

Technology During The 21st Century Essay

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Technology in the 21st-century is going to evolve regardless if one is ready for the modifications are not. Higher educational institutions are those who cannot afford to be left behind while technology is changing the world. Technological advances will soon consist of modifying didactic teaching that focuses on student demand as well as changing the classroom dynamic into a more hybrid style of learning. Overall these changes will have a positive effect on higher education. Colleges will need to hold a flexible but distinct style of teaching that will put the interests of the students first. This student-focused priority will eventually promote innovation and creativity.
There are several ways education will change as a result of technology. In regards to a more student-focused style of teaching, professors can adapt to e-advising. E-advising is a way for students to stay engage in their studies as well as get the guidance they need from their advisor. With new technology at hand, teachers can use the latest video web chats to communicate the best lesson plans for each student. Not only will this technique enhance personalized learning but will also help the educators learn more diverse teaching methods. For instance, evidence-based pedagogy will assure that the professors are successfully teaching core objectives at an appropriate mastery level. These lectures can consist of the latest apps and educational gaming. In fact, real world experiences are also a must by incorporating assignments that will go further than what standard curriculum holds.
Technology also plays a vital role in the classroom dynamic because it offers alternative ways in being physically present. Blending classes is a prime example where educators can save...

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... have time to play because they are stuck inside completing the assigned work. If each teacher assigns one hour worth of homework, it can eventually get overbearing for the student. Soon later these kids will develop anxiety that can ultimately impact their ability to do the work. All these problems associated with homework will reinforce the student to hate learning.
The reason that homework can have just as a negative impact as it does positive because there is no balance. You cannot have too little homework because it defeats the purpose of expanding one’s learning experiences outside the classroom. Too much of it can cause stress and ultimately dread towards school. These concerns will continue to affect today’s education if teachers continue to disregard this balance that is so much needed. Students are still children, and they must be treated equally as such.

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