Technology In The Classroom Research Paper

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1229 words

Almost everyone attends a school at one time in their life whether the classroom includes technology or not. Research shows that technology isn’t used as often as one might think. The article, “High Access and Low use of technology in High School Classrooms” illustrates the use of technology by stating that only one in ten of elementary and middle school teachers are daily users of computers (Cuban, Kirkpatrick, Peck). Most schools now have classrooms that use technology throughout the entire class time and even at home to do homework. Although some people might agree with the use of technology in class, it is more harmful to the students than useful. It can cause many distractions, it can be difficult to use and can take away from learning time. People are convinced that technology is an effective tool that will further learning. This can be true, but when you use tablets …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that technology isn't used as often as one might think. the article, "high access and low use of technology in high school classrooms," illustrates the use.
  • Explains that students use tablets and other devices in class for an hour every day to distract themselves from schoolwork. michael j. bugeja's article "distractions in the wireless classroom" shows that distractions happen in classrooms.
  • Explains that technology is high-tech and it can become confusing to use for not only students, but also teachers. the majority of teachers do not know much about technology, therefore teachers have to try and understand.
  • Analyzes how mary ann matras' article, "technology in the classroom: beginnings and endings", suggests that the pencil is still the most efficient tool.
  • Explains that technology takes away from valuable class time. when something goes wrong with technology, it can take 15-20 minutes out of class, leaving the teacher behind.
  • Explains that technology can help students write research papers or solve math problems, but only if they are using it on their own instead of being focused to use it in the classroom.
  • Opines that technology is a useful tool in many aspects of life, but it is not as helpful as people may think when it comes to having technology in the classroom.

In the article “Technology in the Classroom: Beginnings and Endings”, Mary Ann Matras suggests that, “The pencil is still the most efficient tool”. Many people will agree with her argument because students have learned that way for many years and it has worked. It is also a common fact that when a person writes something down with a pen or pencil they are more likely to remember the information rather than typing it. Author, Mary Ann Matras continues to explain more about why the pencil is a powerful tool, ” When a student can use a pencil to do a calculation faster than and as well as, he or she can do it with a computer or calculator, then the tool for the job should be the pencil,” Mary Ann Matras states. Another issue that classrooms have with technology is that it takes away class time. If a student can do their work as fast as a computer than they don’t need the computer, it is better for them to work it out by themselves. Also, if it takes the same amount of time as writing with a pencil does than a pencil is a better

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