Essay On Impact Of Technology On Education

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How Technology Impacts Education
With the development of science and technology, education also continues to improve. Based on different aspects of influence, education is becoming more flexible. Education has been affected by many factors, such as class attendance, weather, finance, information search, classroom feedback and so on. In the past, people did not always have easy access to education, because it has too many limitations. But because of advances in technology, people can now ignore the distance factors, and can use the Internet and other methods to learn. Some changes in technology also changed education, to make it more simple and convenient for people to be educated. Technology gives students more options to take classes, on line or in the classroom; it also offers people a new way to get information and to teach. It supplies a fast way to contact to each other; it even changes the way for student to take test. The rapid development of information technology seems to make a new revolution in education. This paper will research impacts from four aspects: educational methods, educational tools, instructional system, and educational goals. Besides, it also will analyze both the role of positive and negative effects.
Technology can effectively change the educators’ concept of education to improve their educational skills. The concept of education is the sum of educational values of educators, educational ideals, and the aims of education. Conceptions of education and educational capabilities are in large part to reflect the level of scientific development for a certain period. Specifically, the level of technology development will affect their educational content; selection and use of teaching methods for educational to...

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...oduction process. The second revolution happened when words and writing instruments occurred, and using words and writing as important as dictated explain for educational tools. The third revolution was widely used textbooks as a fundamental basis for teaching, which occurred in the 17th and 18th century, during the rise of printing technology and papermaking technologies. The fourth revolution was happened when light, electricity, magnetism, and other modern new technology are widely used in education, which approximately began in the early 20th century and still in the ascendant so far. Obviously, these "four education revolutions", are directly related to the same period’s scientific developments. Therefore, with the development of technology, this study will be reworked and updated. It maybe appears some new positive and negative effects that need us to study.
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