The Impact Of Technology In Education

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- Students achieve much more than just knowledge in core subject areas by using technology for instruction and learning.

- The integration of technology in education supplies students with 21st Century skills. “Communicate, collaborate, analyse, create, innovate, and solve problems”.

- The technological evolution increase the difference between first and third world education systems.

- Communication methods provides necessary skills, as a result academic achievement is getting easier, and students are also becoming more productive and competitive in the work place, military or community service.

- Nowadays colleges and universities are fully equipped to help students to gain success and convenient
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The combination of education and technology has been considered the main key to human progress. Education feeds technology, which in turn forms the basis for education. (Fodje, M. The impact of technology to education in developing countries. International Conference for Technology in Education, Tampa 1999. Retrieved August 6, 2011.) Technology allowed students to break their physical limit to access any knowledge which made their academic years richer and their achievement easier, as SMART Technologies EMEA (Education), illustrated in this video, (, Uploaded on Oct 3, 2011).
Communication is another major key for scholastic accomplishment. According to Hargie and Dickson (2004) studies have shown a clear and positive relationship between effective interpersonal skills and a range of benefits such as greater happiness in life, resilience to stress and psychosocial problems and enhance academic and professional achievements.
The purpose of this essay is to discuss how the technology and communication methods have made an impact on academic success for students and their first steps in the real job
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One way is through the use of efficient information system and modern technology. Methods used for personal interaction are now completely different from previous generations. The difference is attribute to a combination of technological enhancement and modulated in social an economic life.
As Emmanuel N. Oghakpor, explain in his research, the general concept of the new mode of teaching is to provide quality education to participating learners using electronic media to supplement traditional methods of education. This idea entails inherent risk because in some instances, interpersonal communication or traditional methods of communications are being supported by electronic media such as computer networks, email, internet connections or cell phones. (The Use of Electronic Media to Support Traditional Methods of Interpersonal Communication: An Investigation of Factors that Influence Interactions Among Undergraduate Students in Public and Private Universities, by Emmanuel N. Oghakpor, Capella University, December
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