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Technology Crisis Essay

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Man has become very dependant on technology. Without it everyday living would be difficult. Life would be peaceful if we didn’t have machines running people’s lives. Dependence on technology is detrimental to humanity, and will eventually lead to many dilemmas in the future.
In this generation, mankind has become extremely reliant on technology. There isn’t a day that goes by that people don’t talk on their cell phones, drive a car, or utilize some type of machine. Technology has completely overtaken people’s lives and they don’t even realize it. Everyday use of automobiles, television, and cellular devices, has left humans with unhealthy bodies, and has put them at risk for serious health issues. This is all due to scarce physical activity, and the mass production of unnatural food sources.
Humans used to work to get a meal each day, if they wanted cookies, “[they] would have to fire up a wood stove and make the dough from scratch. Nowadays they, “jump into [a] car and head for the nearest convenience store – [and] if that’s too much effort, [they] pick up a phone or log on to the Internet and have the [items] delivered to [their] door.”(Lemonick 58-69) Technology hasn’t only taken away humans will power to make their own food, it also consistently advertises the unhealthy food to them. This raised up the obesity rate much higher. Everyone watches television so people have seen how, “technology has allowed advertisers to deliver constant, virtually irresistible messages that say - Eat this now- to everyone old enough to watch tv.” The mass production of these unhealthy foods, that are advertised to people, is cheap and convenient for the producers. People’s health will continue to decline due to the nonstop use of machi...

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