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Food is a major part of everyone’s everyday life. It’s hard to imagine life without the chocolate cake on your fingers or a carne asada taco in your mouth. Enjoying delicious desserts and fast food seem extremely magnificent to eat and spend money buying them. Although, there have been many controversies in the United States on how it’s the largest country with the most obesity regarding children, which affects their health, many people are still going throughout their day snacking. Many people in America are having full course meals with thousands of calories in one sitting not knowing the short term or long term side effects that are going to take a huge toll on their lives. Food is delicious, but it comes with a secret behind the savoriness/sweetness. Many people in America, from toddlers to the elderly, have shown numerous signs of bad health. People have the desire to keep on eating due to more, new things being merchandised as “new and improved items” from the producers. For example, nowadays, people are eating pure junk that they find satisfying on the grocery food shelf. As, stated by Michael Pollan, in his article, “Eat Food: Food Defined” he affirmed that “real food is the type of things that our …show more content…

From staying away from high calories to buying only foods with no steroids, consumers hesitate due to the food not falling in a certain price range that is acceptable to them. For example, David Biello in his article, “Will Organic Food Fail to Feed the World?” he states that feeding about 9 million people is going to be “very expensive” because of untold fertilizers that are used to maintain good crops to feed people. Food is also overproduced for likely triple that amount. Many people don’t want to buy food just to have a “small toll” on their health when it can probably help them later on instead in that exact moment. Changing habits is very easy, but many don’t want to

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