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    receptors to cell membranes. Endoplasmic Reticulum also make lipids and protiens. I chose to kick out the Lysosomes because there is already one organelle that takes the wast out. Each organelle has a responsibility. For instance, the Mitochondria. It’s the powerhouse of the cell. Without any power the cell wouldn’t live. The Necleus is like the “brain” of the cell because it stores the genetic information and acts in control. Chloroplasts are just like Mitochondria because it stores water. The cell wall

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    The cell is the fundamental structural unit of all living organisms. Some cells are complete organisms, such as the unicellular bacteria and protozoa; others, such as nerve, liver, and muscle cells, are specialized components of multi-cellular organisms. Cells range in size from the smallest bacteria-like mycoplasmas, which are 0.1 micrometer in diameter, to the egg yolks of ostriches, which are about 8 cm (about 3 in) in diameter. Although they may differ widely in appearance and function, all cells

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    Why we should keep Ribosomes Plant Cells Eukar-About, Inc. has seen better days. We, your loyal Organelle Departments only want the best for everybody. It has come to our attention that you intend to lay off a department, which is completely understandable. This is for sure, a very tricky decision. However, you need to understand that Ribosomes are vital to us all, and that the recommended organelle to be dropped are the Lysosomes. Just for the record, here is a list of all our departments and their

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    living things are made up of many cells. Several of living things are made up of many cells that work together. There are some living things that only have a single cell like protozoa and bacteria. Cells are very small and can only be seen through a microscope. All cells have different functional roles inside a living a thing. For example nerve cells have lengthy and slender extensions that help send signals through the living thing. No matter how different cells can be they all have a similar role

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    The Cell Theory The cell theory states that all living matter is made up of cells and some living organisms consist of a single cell. Other cells serve a special purpose within advanced organisms like nerve cells. One theory of a cell states that the first form of life on this earth consisted of a lot of different types of small protocells. Protocells are cell like organism. These organisms were able to reproduce in a very limited environment because they are so simple. After many years some of

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    The Human Cell Although humans are very complex animals, the cell is the most basic component of the human body. Humans cannot survive without the cells because they are the most basic form of human life. There are two types of cells, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells are single celled organisms without membrane bound organelles that also have their genetic material floating outside a membrane bound nucleus. A eukaryotic cell is a cell with its genetic material housed within a

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    The life Process of a cell In my report you will learn about the life process of a cell based on the two main functions, metabolism and mitosis. You will learn about the four stages of metabolism: ingestion, digestion, respiration, and excretion, and how the cell completes them. You also will acquire information about the four stages of mitosis: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telephase, and how the cell completes them. Mitosis is the process in which cells reproduce. These two processes are interdependent

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    Cells and Cell Theory What advantages does small size give to a cell? Many cellular processes occur by diffusion, which is efficient over short distances, but less efficient over long distances. Since all materials going in and out of a cell must pass through the plasma membrane, the greater the surface area of this membrane, the faster a given quantity of molecules can pass through. Smaller cells have a much greater surface-to-volume ratio than larger cells and therefore can "feed" all areas of

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    a huge role in cells. They are also only found in plant cells, while the other organelles are found in both plant and animal cells. There are 12 organelles that all have different jobs. They are, Cell Membrane, which “when you think about a membrane, imagine it is like a big plastic bag with some tiny holes. That bag holds all of the cell pieces and fluids inside the cell and keeps any nasty things outside the cell. The holes are there to let some things move in and out of the cell. “ ~Biology for

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    The Cell Membrane There are a lot of important organelles, and the cell membrane is one of the most important ones in my opinion. I do not think that this cell should be downsized because it has a major function and without it the cells would have no protection. The cell membrane is the only cell that does that job, therefore we should definitely keep it. There is one cell in particular that is not quite as important, although every cell has a there importance, lysosomes we can do without. So if