Teachers Should Be A Model Of The Most Important Jobs And Help Shape The Next Generation Of Students

Teachers Should Be A Model Of The Most Important Jobs And Help Shape The Next Generation Of Students

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Teachers have one of the most important jobs and help shape the next generation of students. While teachers have an impact on their student’s lives, students impact the teacher’s lives as well. Education is more than just going to school eight hours a day, and learning information, but it helps shape students into what they will be like in the forthcoming. I believe that teachers should be a model to their students, encourage them, and teach them through experience.
We all have someone we look to as our role model; teachers happen to be a model for many of their students. It is important for a teacher to show their students between right and wrong and good and bad. One way a teacher can be a role model is by being a good person. We all have different definitions of a good person. I think a good person is one who is positive, loving, just and fair. Parents want a teacher who is going to show these qualities to their child. Richard Mitchell says that teachers have high roles in upbringing children. In some families, a child might see their teacher more than their parents. As teachers, if we want our students to have a better life, then we have to show them what one looks like, and by doing this, we can make the next generation better. Jessie Stuart was a great model to his students and can be a role model to future, or present teachers. He showed knowledge, character and enthusiasm in his teaching. By showing these characteristics, Stuart became a role model to many of his students. For instance, Stuart showed knowledge by teaching them to not drink out of the stream. He told the students a story about how when he drank out of it, he got very sick. He did not want to students to have to go through what he went through, so he shar...

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... student how to measure how much coal was in the wagon. This taught the student how to use math in real life situations. Using experience to teach instead of always being in the classroom, will hopefully make learning more fun for the students and the teacher.
In conclusion, I believe that teachers should be role models to their students. They should always show the students better than bad and more right than wrong. Teachers should also encourage their students, no matter if they get a wrong answer or a right one. They should inspire them to do better. Lastly, teachers should make teaching an experience. Do not make your students sit in a classroom every day, but allow them to go out and learn a different way. I think that a teacher has done a good job when he/she changes the student’s perception of their selves, and make them better than they thought they were.

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