Essal Teacher: Roles And Contributions Of The ESL Teacher

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Comparative Educator Report Teacher’s inspired students to do great things during their school years. Teachers love to see the improvement of their students and are a connection to a development of learning. The teacher wants the best for their students and at the same time, they are rewards on seen it their students to success. A success future is what students have and teachers teach for guarantee the wish. Two different teacher give me their opinion why they love teaching and it was a great honor to interview them. Being a teacher is a desired that grow in inside every person that loves to teach. The special Ed teacher works for 15 years in this department and she loves it. Interviewing the teacher saw a wonderful teacher that see opportunity…show more content…
Be a teacher. The ESL teacher works for 12 years to 9-12 grades level. The main reason she is a teacher because she love working with students and back to her community. Her philosophy is unique do not assume that all students have the same background. Some of my students have never been in a real school or classroom. Do not assume. Just teach to reach every child. Teaching have their best part and worst, for the ESL teacher best part is seeing her students succeed, especially on the state exam, the worst part about teaching is that everything revolves around regents. Test. Test. Test. Most of the teachers have their similarities and differences of the roles of professional educators. Based on the interview process the ESL teacher and the Special Ed teacher main similarities are when their student’s success in their academic level. Moreover, both teachers love to teach and love when their students understand and get the work. Both teachers have the same opinion regardless about college education curriculum should include, they both said to have more teaching course in a classroom. The difference of the roles professional educators is one teaches ESL and the other special Ed. The special Ed teacher doesn’t have a grade level class; all students in her classroom are grading using IEP (Individualized Education Program) is a report card for disability students. The ESL teacher teaches 9-12 grades and a multicultural classroom; students with difference background.…show more content…
I teach ESL students and they are held responsible for the same exam as their peers who have been born here. I love seeing and hearing my students says “Ms. I did!” What do you consider to be the worst part of teaching? The worst part about teaching is that everything revolves around regents. ! Test, test, test! In order to prepare graduates for the real world of teaching, what do you think colleges should include in their education curriculum? We should have more internship in the classroom; being exposed to the real classroom and teaching is the best in terms of learning. What do you believe is the most important thing you can do for your students? Meet them at their levels and bring them up with different scaffolds. What advice do you have for me as I being my teaching career? Be patient. It’s all about kids and not the adults in your school. Your students learning should be your first priority. Also, make sure you speak to that kid who sits all the way in the back with his head down. Show him/her that you noticed

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