Essay On My Role Model

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The most significant most meaningful memory of an experience related to discovering that I was a male and therefore treated differently from the other sex was not only one memory but a series of memories from being separated from the opposite sex at school , going to boys sections at shops ,having a role model that I learned a lot from and lastly from society.

There are many differences between the two genders , male and female such as cognitive , social and personal characteristics . Society sees a girl as someone who likes "girly" things such as Barbie dolls and the colour pink and boys likes blue and likes trucks and cars and also works outside but immediately when the roles changes then they are labeled by society as gay or lesbian.

I feel that as a child there are many signs that clearly tell you that you are either a boy or a girl. When I was younger and I started primary school we were told to stand in the boys line if you were a boy and to stand in the girls line if you were a girl , then we were told to stretch our arms to keep some space between each other and then shortly after we were told that ladies were the first to enter , which a
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Teachers help students through , which I feel is one of the most underrated careers. A role model has a clear set of values , and acting in a that supports their beliefs. Committing to help the community, they help out in the community. Selflessness and acceptance for others , helping people out with the best of your abilities. Ability to overcome obstacles, to not let anything hold you back or stop you from being
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