Surroundings Changed The Students? Essay

Surroundings Changed The Students? Essay

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Surroundings Changed the Students?
In the movie “Freedom Writers”, there are negative students and their teachers. It shows several problems between people. The students changed in many side like thinking style and behavior. What changed the students? There are always a lot surrounding factors to consider. Whereas individual attitudes decide what kind of person they will be in the future, surroundings changed students because patient teaching in school affects students and family members affect children.

Patient teaching in school affects students a lot. The first day Mrs. Gruwell came to school, she got no respect from the students. Even every teacher there told Mrs. Gruwell try not to improve students’ score, she did not give up. She tried her best to walk into her students’ hearts, gave them space to talk about themselves and help them step to a better future. The reason why the students changed is that they received respect from their new teacher which they never got. A survey of relations between student and teachers also shows the importance of a more suitable teacher. The d...

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