Reflection On Misunderstood Minds

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I very much enjoyed watching the series Misunderstood Minds. There were a variety of different students with disabilities that caught my attention and inspired me to teach special education. Each child in the series taught me something new about special education. The first student was Nathan, who struggled with phonemic awareness. I was interesting in seeing Nathan’s problems rhyming and how that was how his disability was diagnosed. His disabily was only seen in his written language and did not influence his communication skills. I thought that it was interested in hearing that a student’s avoidance of something that’s hard can be commonly mistaken for attentional issues. While I was watching the video I came up with ideas that I thought that the special education teacher should do with Nathan. Some of my ideas were for Nathan to work on…show more content…
I was interested in the debate over her taking medication. I, at first agreed with her and her parents about not wanting her on medication. I was also worried about her uniqueness and creativity being destroyed by the medication. I also was excited by the idea of her changing schools in hope that she would make friends. I did not think about the new school working as a substitute stimulus for her. I was very surprised to learn about her lying about her academics and saddened to learn about her social problems. I was surprised at how much the medication helped her in the end and glad it did not hurt her uniqueness. The third child looked at was Sarah who has a learning disability that wasn 't diagnosed until she was in fifth grade due to her ability to compensate for her disability in the previous grades. It is found that she has an expressive language problem. Sarah understands everything well, but has trouble expressing what she knows. I was surprised that the solution was to just practice speaking in school. I expected it to be a lot more complicated to help
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