Classification Essay About Classification Of Students

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There are many different types of students. All students have their own way of studying and learning material. A student’s attitude is the most determining factor in how well a student performs academically. Some students are eager to learn and try their best; however, some students could care less about learning. Each year students decide whether they will succeed or fail in school. All students fall into one category or another. Students can be classified into three categories: Overachievers, Average Joes, and Do Not Give a Rips. Every student knows who the Overachievers are in their class. Generally, the Overachievers get on everyone’s nerves. Overachievers always try their hardest and are willing to do more than is required of them. They have great study habits and always want to make their grade better. Overachievers ask for extra credit work even when it is not needed. They continuously check their grades and talk to their teachers about them. Overachievers come from homes with parents who are concerned and involved in…show more content…
They do well in school, but they also are involved in extracurricular activities. Average Joes are well rounded students who try hard and study only when it is needed. Their parents support them in all of their activities and encourage them to do their best in all that they do. Average Joes do not go out of their way to study all the time. They worry about their grades but not excessively. Average Joes care as much about their activities as they do about their academics. For example, they feel it is just as important to be a good football player or show choir member as it is to be a good student. They sit back and let the Overachievers take over so they will not have to do as much work. They do not volunteer to do more than is required of them. Average Joes put forth just enough effort to maintain a good grade, but they do not strive to be the best in the
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